Supervised Parent Support

Brayden Supervised Parent Support Service provides service in situations where children are visiting with their parent or other family members and there are ongoing significant care issues. Our supervision ensures children are safe and that the parenting time is child centered. Additionally, our supervisors provide support to the parents/family member discussing practical interventions to meet the needs of the children.

Brayden Supervisors provide education, mentoring and coaching of child care, based on age appropriate child development needs. Parent time is planned by length and content, based on the capacity of the parent to manage successfully, and built on the strengths that the parent has demonstrated.

Brayden services are coordinated by area Service Directors who assign Supervisors with the appropriate training, knowledge, and skills for the particular family receiving service and they remain available for consultation to the Supervisor to ensure that service is effective.

Supervised Parent Support is provided in the family home or in the community to assist in the assessment of the parent’s skills and abilities to provide safe care to their children. Brayden Service Directors are in frequent communication with child welfare, social workers or other professionals involved, to ensure the specific goals and objections are being met in the planning and implementation of the service.


Brayden Supervisors have a university degree or college diploma in psychology, family studies, child and youth work, or related field. In addition they have been thoroughly screened through their references, and all have a current vulnerable persons police check. Further, they bring experience in working with families and children who are experiencing difficulties either due to mental health or developmental problems and/or in situations where the family conflict is significant.

Our Supervisors provide neutral, non-judgemental, safe and child-centred visits ensuring that all agreements and court directives are followed. The Service Director is able to respond to questions, concerns and emergencies, throughout all visit times, if they arise.

All services are on a fee-for-service basis.

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