Virtual Parenting Time

Virtual Parenting Time is facilitated via Zoom.

Brayden Supervision Services takes every precaution to ensure that the virtual visits are secure, Parent’s understand that there are inherent risks involved with using technology and Brayden Supervision Services cannot guarantee complete security or confidentiality.

The Supervisor initiates the virtual visit with both parents and requests a visual tour of both spaces to ensure appropriateness of the space. The Supervisor requests a virtual scan of the space of both parent’s at the beginning of the visit and may require one at any time during the virtual visit. Both parents understand that it is their responsibility to be mindful of other relevant orders or terms and conditions that may be applicable and abide by these legal orders (i.e. No Contact Orders). Both parents must seek legal advice to ensure they able to participate in virtual visits.

Supervised Virtual Parenting Time: The supervisor is in the home with the children to organize the visit. Children under the age of 5 must utilize the Supervised Virtual Parenting service.

Monitored Virtual Parenting Time: Residing parent is responsible to set up the room and to then leave the children alone. Children must be over the age of 5 to utilize the Monitored Virtual Parenting Time service.


Brayden Supervisors have a university degree or college diploma in psychology, family studies, child and youth work, or related field. In addition they have been thoroughly screened through their references, and all have a current vulnerable persons police check. Further, they bring experience in working with families and children who are experiencing difficulties either due to mental health or developmental problems and/or in situations where the family conflict is significant.

Our Supervisors provide neutral, non-judgemental, safe and child-centred visits ensuring that all agreements and court directives are followed. The Service Director is able to respond to questions, concerns and emergencies, throughout all visit times, if they arise.

All services are on a fee-for-service basis. 

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